Google Forms - Gathering Your Data

Do you use Google Forms? It has huge potential, maybe even bigger than you used to think. Google Forms is a great tool for educational needs, for example homework, quizzes and so on). Also you can use Google Forms for gathering various feedbacks/information from an individual or a big group of people.

Defining Words And Searching Topics Within Google Docs

Users of Google who work on their projects in such apps as Google Docs will find this information useful. When you start searching for certain topics or definite words this will definitely lead down an internet hole.

How Can We Make Images And PDF Files Searchable In Google Drive?

If you use Google Drive it is important to know that you can make all your images and even PDF files to be searchable in Google Drive application. Google Drive has lots of features and this one was presented when the app has been just released. It is a great advantage to be capable to scan PDF text files or images and make them searchable while working in Google Drive.

Google Drive – Enable Docs Audit

All admins of Google can have full access to powerful Google Drive reporting. It is true that not many average users know about these reporting possibilities. You should know that Google Docs Audit is disabled by default. This reporting can allow Google admins seeing whether documents have been edited or just viewed.

Google Drive – Working On Documents In Offline Mode

Google Drive is very efficient when you want to work on your files in offline mode. In most cases to get access in international plane flights is quite expensive and sometimes it is even not available. So, when you are in emergency to make some adjustments or editing to your documents, you can use Google Drive in offline mode. It is very convenient to have access to your files from anywhere where an internet connection is poor. Offline mode allows you to get all changes synchronized automatically once your internet connection is available.

Google Drive – Maximize Productivity

Google Drive is very effective tool but your productivity can be maximized even more. You should discover all modern apps for Cloud and transform the way you used to work on your daily basis.

Google Drive – Taking Advantages Of Templates

Have you ever worked with templates provided by Google Drive? We will tell you how to take as much advantage as possible. Such pre-made templates provided by Google Drive are quite underused feature. Once you start using this feature you will understand its great potential which can make your work flow more productive.