Does “About Us” Section Matters?

Nowadays you can see many PowerPoint presentations which start with the section “About Us”. Unfortunately, this is a wrong approach you should avoid. When you start your PowerPoint presentation with the section “About Us”, you leave people absolutely no space for expressing creativity. Acting like this you will make no narrative, no context and no proper mood setting. In fact, this technique is very dull. We consider it is to be a bit abrupt to present PowerPoint slide with a text telling the number of years you are in the business, before you give a chance to your audience to have a clear idea what kind of business do you have. That is why, in order to set a right mood and to make a narrative, you should move your slide section “About Us” a bit later in your PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint Slide “About Us”

PowerPoint Slide “About Us” is one of the most important parts of any PowerPoint presentation. We recommend you to open your own or corporate PowerPoint presentation you used last time and check the location of your PPT summary slide “About Us” within this PowerPoint presentation. Most probably, your PowerPoint presentation is just like the rest with summary slide “About Us” in the very beginning of your deck. In most cases, you can see a summary slide “About Us” just one or two slides away from the main header.

Creative Way Of Using Stock Photos In PowerPoint Presentations

Where should we start? When it comes to stock photos which you are going to use in your PowerPoint presentation, you should start with brainstorming some kind of creative metaphors. They should describe the main concept you plan to discuss. Look carefully on your message and think carefully what words, images and ideas come to you when you think about your main message. Are there any associations?

PowerPoint Presentations And Stock Photos

Nowadays, you can hear that people do not want to use stock photos any more. Why is the situation turned out to be like this? It is true that most stock photos have quite negative reputation. You can agree with this statement, but at the same time there is no need to eliminate stock photos completely from your deck. You can just limit them and sign for a short term membership. If you do not rely on stock photos completely and have at least minimum of your own creativity, such stock photos can easily do wonders when it comes to disseminating and visualizing the main message of your PowerPoint presentation.

Do You Use Nature Photos In PowerPoint Presentations?

Many PowerPoint users like to use nature photos in their PowerPoint presentations. However, you do know how to use them effectively? It is a well-known fact that when you look at nature photo, the level of stress gets reduced and your mood becomes much higher. Nature has the ability to increase positive feelings of elation, playfulness and affection.

Different Theme Options For Creative PowerPoint Presentations

Every time when PowerPoint users decide to download PowerPoint templates, they download a so-called empty shell. Once you have PowerPoint template it should be properly filled with your own ideas what match the subject. Also it is very important to add meaningful visual objects. This combination will help you meet the main goal and spread the message around. In fact, it does not matter so much if you work on building a pitch PowerPoint presentation or a corporate catalogue for your own company.

Where Can We Use Urban PowerPoint Themes?

Nowadays it is not a problem to find a creative PowerPoint theme illustrating a metaphor of garden or any other futuristic images. However, such creative paintings do not match all presentations and topics. In such a case you should consider downloading an abstract PowerPoint theme. Also you can apply cityscape PPT themes with quite minimalistic visual content.

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