Microsoft PowerPoint – Slide Sorter And Notes Views

This article is devoted to such PowerPoint Views as Slide Sorter and Notes. You will understand which one you need and what the difference is between them.PowerPoint Slide Sorter ViewWhen you work in Slide Sorter View it demonstrates you a small version of all your PowerPoint slides in horizontal rows. This small version of PowerPoint slides is also known as thumbnails. It is very convenient to use Slide Sorter View for rearranging and deleting certain PowerPoint slides in your presentation by pressing and dragging slides to a new position in the row.

Microsoft Publisher – Where Is The Menu “Tools”

Many people who just start using MS Publisher (2010/2013 versions) wonder where they can find the menu “Tools”. If you use MS Publisher 2007/2003, this feature is available and can be easily found. You will have to press the tab “Menus” and view the dropping down menu “Tools”.Tools Menu in Publisher 2010 with Classic MenuIf you still can’t see the menu “Tools” in your version of Publisher, do not worry.

MS Poweroint 2007-2010-2013-2016 – About Microsoft PowerPoint

Many users wonder where they can find the section “About Microsoft PowerPoint”. In this article you will discovrer some familiar ways of getting additional information about Microsoft PowerPoint inside the program.Here is what you will have to do:Start with pressing the tab “Menus”.Press the drop-down menu “Help”.Now, you can see the item called “About Microsoft PowerPoint”. Pressing this item you will be forwarded to the dialog box “About Microsoft PowerPoint”.

Microsoft Publisher – Where Can You Find Print Preview

Below, you will find few methods how to find the feature Print Preview while working in MS Publisher versions 2010/2013.The 1st method – Getting “Print Preview” on toolbarYou will need to press the button “Print Preview” on the toolbar in order to check your document.MS Publisher versions 2010-2016 will skip to its view printing backstage view. Please see how it is shown on the image. You should see that the interface of Print Preview looks exactly th same as the content in the pane.

Microsoft Publisher 2010 2013 – Where is The Line Spacing

People who use Microsoft Publisher 2010/2013 on their personal computers can finee the Lne Spacing in the same place they used to have it in Publisher versions 2003/2007.Follow these steps:Start with selecting the text box which you would like to get customized.Go to the tab “Menus” and press the item “Format”.Now, you will need to press the item “Paragraph”.Line Spacing in Publisher with Classic MenuYou have just activated the dialog box “Format Paragraph”.

MS Office Visio – Change Or Resize Your Drawing Page

In the following article you will find a detailed description how to change or resize your drawing page while working in MS Office Visio. There two methods and you will choose for yourself which one is more convenient.The first method – using the key “Ctrl” and mouseOpen your Visio program and find the drawing you want to change/resize.Keep on holding the key “Ctrl” and put the pointer of your mouse on the edge of your drawing page.

Visio – Resizing And Moving Shapes

You can resize your shape by selecting it and dragging the handle/endpoint until you get the size you like.It is possible to resize your shape proportionally by selecting your shape and dragging the corner handle.In order to resize your shape precisely, you will need to select a certain shape and press “View” > “Task Panes” > “Size & Position”. Here a new values for “Length”, “Width” and “Height” should be typed.