Create Video In PowerPoint – What Items Will Not Be Included

When you crate video content using PowerPoint program, you should keep in mind that some parts of your presentation will not be include into your video file. So, what are these parts?

Below, you will find a full list of items:
  • Media content which has been inserted in previous PowerPoint versions.

    In order to include these items, they will have to be converted/upgraded. Let’s say, some media content has been inserted using the version of PowerPoint 2007, this content will be linked and in such a way played in your PowerPoint presentation. And at the same time, when the same file gets exported as a video file, your linked item will be dropped. The only thing which may help you is converting your file to updated file format. This is very easy to do by clicking the tab “File” under the section “Info” and pressing the option “Convert”. Alternatively, your media item can be right-clicked and then upgraded. By doing this your file will be embedded and exported in a correct way.

  • QuickTime media objects.

    In order to deal with such items you will need to install a special QuickTime codec which is third-party and called “ffdShow”. Make sure that it is properly optimized to its compatibility.

  • ActiveZ/OLE controls
  • Macros

Once, you have created your video, it is time to share it with your target audience. The easiest way to do this is to upload your file to any video-sharing sites, for example Microsoft Stream or any other one.

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