How To Add Already Existing Images Using Windows Mobile

  • Start with opening your workbook, document, or presentation.

  • Find the exact location where your image will be added and tap this place.

  • If you use Windows on the tablet, press “Insert”.

    Insert tab

  • If you use Windows on your smartphone, you should click twice the slide r age where you want to see your image and press “More” (see the bottom of the screen), then press “Home” > “Insert”.

  • Go to the tab “Insert”, click “Pictures” > “Photos”.

    Pictures menu

  • You have to go to the place on your device where your image is stores and press on it. If you use Windows tablet, you have to press “Insert”. If you have Windows smartphone, you have to click the check mark.

    Insert picture

  • Finally, you can see the tab “Picture” appeared.

    Picture tab

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