Office For Android – Editing Images In SVG Format

There is nothing simpler than to edit images in SVG format using Office for Android. You will just have to choose your SVG image which has to be edited and press the tab “Graphics” which will appear in front of you on the Ribbon.

An SVG image selected, showing the Graphics tab on the ribbon

In case the ribbon does not appear, you should press the icon “Edit”.

  • Styles

There are many interesting styles available. They are predefined, so you will be able to add them quickly and in such a way modify the look of your image in SVG format. If you are not satisfied with predefined styles in the gallery, it is possible to change the color of SVG images in the section “Fill”. You will get access to a great number of bright colors. A chosen color will be applied to your image immediately. You can work with individual parts of your image and fill them with unique colors, but your image will have to be converted to Office shape. This you can do in Office 2016 for Windows.

  • Outline

Every SVG image has a line around it. You can remove or change it by choosing the option for editing which is called “Outline”. You can decide which color for your image border is the best.

  • Wrap text

Here you can decide how your text content will flow around your SVG image in your presentation/workbook/document.

  • Arrange

Several selected objects can be stacked on the top using the tool “Arrange”. It will help you to move images up/down/forward/backward in your stack.

  • Crop Graphic

If you need just a small portion of SVG image, you can use the tool “Crop”. You have to select your image, press “Crop” and keep on dragging an appeared box in order to frame the part of the image you want to get. Once this s done, you will have to tap “Crop”.

  • Size and position

This tool will help you in specifying the exact size of your image on your document/workbook/presentation.

  • Alt text

This is the tool for giving a detailed text description for screen reader.

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