Using Cue Cards During Your Presentation

This is a widely-used practice to use cue cards while giving a speech in front of a big audience. There are lots of form cue cards have been associated with public presentations. However speaking about cue cards you will meet not only their fans. Some people avoid using them considering this approach totally incorrect. But most speakers tend to embrace this concept happily. Everything depends on a particular person and his or her choice. So next time when you hesitate, we recommend you to weight carefully all pros and cons of using such cards. Your choice will help you go to the stage well prepared and confident either with cue cards or without them.

Cue cards are tiny piece of paper carrying major points of the entire presentation which you deliver to people. PowerPoint is a great application helping you to create any design you like.

Using Cue Cards During Your Presentation


• You will memorize the speech easily.

• The pressure will take off.

• Cards will serve as reference material so you will never lose your plot.

• Cards will prevent you from unnecessary hand gestures and movements.

• You will look self-confident and professional.

• Your speech will be filled with pauses thanks to cards.


• Some listeners may feel disconnected with the speaker.

• Speaker’s focus may be shifted.

• Speaker has to be extremely caution for not spoiling the general impression.

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