Big City PowerPoint Infographics

Big City PowerPoint Infographics
PowerPoint Infographics - 2 Slides (Product ID: 0000102547)

Life in a big city has its pros and cons. Have a look at the following “Big City” infographics template for your next presentation. If you want to achieve success in a big city, you have to be talented, strong, and hardworking. People are social being and communication plays a vital role in our life. If you want to succeed as a businessman and build your career, you will achieve better results if you have good connections with people and you have skills in business communication. This Big City Infographic illustrates an abstract city full of skyscrapers.

Use this PowerPoint Infographic template to:
• illustrate your concepts/ideas
• promote your business
• improve communication skills inside your team

This infographic has two backgrounds in light and dark colors, colors/size/position can be modified, can be used in Google Slides. Your text or numerical content can be added, moved, or removed easily.

Big City PowerPoint Infographics
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